New Goals

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Today's weather made me feel like I was here again... ooh Maui how I miss you..

First of all… it was seventy degrees today.  Let me just say that.

I had a recovery run today, 6 miles easy. I did some yoga stretches, hip mobility exercises, track drills and hurdle drills when I got back.  I also hurdled a few just for fun, and of course one of the track coaches that I work with started critiquing my form, as per use.. give me a break man, I haven’t done this for awhile and I’m not a high hurdler.

I’ve decided on my goal paces, so I’m putting them out into the universe:

Half marathon 6:20 (1:23)

Marathon 6:40 (2:54)

I had to decide on this now so I know what paces to train at. It’s not quite as scary this time around.

That’s all for now!


3 thoughts on “New Goals

  1. I wonder if I can even run a mile that fast. Doubtful. Anyways, please elaborate hip mobility exercises. Mine right one is stuck.

    • Its basically just kicking and swinging your leg around while holding onto something. Its also referred to as dynamic flexibility because you’re stretching while moving your joints, instead of just holding still. Google “leg swings” and you’ll come up with some videos that show you how to do them properly.
      I started doing them last year because I noticed I was losing a lot of flexibility in my hips. I’m also working on finding some exercises that strengthen all of the muscles around that joint because my hip flexors are getting strong but hip extensors are getting weaker and I know that can lead to injury.
      Anyway.. hope that helps a bit. Sorry you’re still having probs with your hip. Is your ITB getting better?

      • Its a little hard to tell. It doesn’t hurt with walking or tennis anymore. I’ve run twice since the marathon, each time for around 3 miles, and the itb at the knee is still pretty stiff. My medial most hamstring has been hurting, too (same side). My hip (on the outside) will sometimes feel really stuck together and other times not. I think I just need a new left leg! Ha.

        I’m starting pt in dec so hoping that will all help.

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