Endings and Beginnings

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I’ve been working my ass off here… no joke. This is the first day we’ve had off since school started! And of course I wake up at 6:00 am on my day off, which is an hour later than I usually get up, but seriously why can’t those dang circadian rhythms take a break for a day? <– That was a terrible run-on sentence but I'm leaving it.

Last night we had our fall sports banquet, and I'm sooo sad cross country season is officially over. I really love the kids that I coach, and I especially love coaching cross country. I'm not coaching track this year because I need a break from it, so no more official coaching duties til August (although I'm still volunteering to coach high jump and steeplechase, my two loves).

(Cross Country 2011… I’m going to miss these seniors a whole friggin lot)

So the season has come to an end, and I’m beginning my next project. I decided to bump up my training for my second marathon because I have big goals, namely breaking 3 hours. Last time I followed a plan that was 55-70 mpw, although I averaged 45-50 with only two weeks at 70 (due to a bout with anemia and my coaching schedule). So I’m making a big jump up to 70-85 mpw for this one. I haven’t done that much training in a loooong time, but I know I can handle it physically. I’m actually looking forward to it.

I recently bought this training journal because I’ve heard so many good things about it. It’s from a company called Believe I Am, which is the brain child of Roisin McGettigan (Irish steeplechaser) and Lauren Fleshman (American 5ker and recently second American in the NYCM). I used to race Roisin back in the early days of women’s steeple in the NCAA, and you could say that I used to race Lauren in cross country but she was too far ahead of me to count. Anyway, the journal is awesome, and these ladies obviously know what they’re talking about.

I'm all about this journal right now. It's awesome.

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