Take Two

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I decided to chronicle my training for the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon as a form of training diary. My second reason was to make sure I wouldn’t back out of my commitment. I had run in three marathons before purely as a participant and a retired middle distance track athlete. They were not the most pleasant experiences, but I could kind of see why people got into marathoning: there was a lot of room for improvement. I’ve always felt more at home on the track, and never considered seriously training for a marathon.
On New Years Day 2011, I found out that one of my former teammates at JMU had been killed in a freak accident when a helicopter and his small private plane collided. I went to his funeral, and afterwards I was talking to another teammate who mentioned that Jason had very recently written something about wanting to get back into running again. For some reason, that statement got into my head… I’ve had that same thought dozens of times but never acted on it.
I decided to sign up for a local half marathon and began running a few days per week. I still felt undertrained, but ended up running 1:30:45. It hurt, but it gave me some confidence that if I could run that pace with very little training, I should be able to hold that pace for a full marathon with some training. I also thought about how much I missed that feeling of being in really good shape.. training for a marathon would be a good jumpstart to getting back that feeling.
So… I downloaded a book on marathon training to the Kindle and got started on a very strange journey. My first blog was more of a training diary, but this blog will be different. I’ll still write about workouts occasionally, but since that can get kind of lame, I have a million other topics to write about: being a transplant Yankee in the south, life as a “retired” athlete and what really means, how I deal with injuries and setbacks, finding my first gray hair.. you get the idea. I’ll explain the title of my blog as well.
That’s all for now. I’m off to write some lesson plans, ice my achilles which is about 95% healed, and take my vitamins which I always forget about. Later!

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