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Hurricane Arthur [a drinking game]

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July Fourth racing plans have been thwarted. I’ve attempted running a race in a hurricane (the Patrick Henry half marathon during Hurricane Irene in 2011), and it was not pleasurable.

In its place, I imagine I’ll probably spend part of the holiday playing some version of a hurricane drinking game. Our neighborhood is one that experiences major tidal flooding during these types of storms, so we try to make the best of the situation. The following is an example, although there are endless possibilities.

If a news anchor or meteorologist says any of the following terms, you drink:

Hunker down
Storm surge
Rip current
Sustained winds
Angry seas
State of emergency
Mandatory evacuation
Board up
Ride the storm out

You could always add some more obvious words to the list (wind, rain, surf, etc.). Most big storms have their own buzz words (like “Frankenstorm” for Hurricane Sandy), so you can of course call an audible and add words to your list as you go.

This post is intended to be light-hearted. In reality, I’ll probably just be chasing Emma around on the floor, but maybe I’ll have time for a mimosa. Or two.

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  1. I’ll be here playing in NJ.

    • I have to run first so mimosas will have to wait, I guess…. unless…. No that’s a bad idea. It’s not bad here, just a lot of rain.


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